San Shen Wan

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Common Name: San Shen Wan
Product Name: Dong Fang Jin Bao
The theory of the San Shen Wan:
Kidney yang deficiency is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine. A type of deficiency-cold syndrome manifested by deficiency of kidney yang, warming and dereliction of duty, and loss of qi and power is called kidney yang deficiency syndrome. Most of them are caused by factors such as kidney deficiency for aged group, kidney injury due to chronic diseases, and excessive sexuality.

The clinical manifestations of kidney yang deficiency syndrome can be summarized into ten aspects:
1. The soreness and pain on the waist and knees which is due to kidney yang deficiency failing to warm up the waist and bones;
2. Male impotence and premature ejaculation, and female infertility due to cold uterus.
3. Chronic diarrhea in persistent and can not be treated easily. The diarrhea in the early morning is caused by the spleen disfunction.
4. frequent urination, clear and long urine, and nocturia due to the deficiency of kidney yang and obstruction of bladder gasification.
5. Edema, which is caused by the kidney disfunction and can not get rid of the water efficiently.
6. The skin is dark and lustrous. The turbid yin permeates the skin due to deficiency of kidney anode.
7. The limb is cold, and the lower limb is colder because the blood cannot warm the skin because of yang deficiency.
8. Always feel tired and very hard to feel energetic which is due to lack of yang qi and inability to excite the mind.
9. The complexion is white, feel dizzy, and due to the weak circulation of qi and blood.
10. Light and fat tongue with white coating with weak and slow pulse. These are all symptoms of yang deficiency.

Ingredients: Deer kidney (talc powder hot), dog kidney (talc powder hot), donkey kidney (talc powder hot), pilose antler (simmered glutinous), Epimedium (peep oil), Morinda, Curculigo, aconite ), Rehmannia glutinosa, Eucommia ulmoides
(Yanchao), ginseng, wolfberry (fat butter) and other 39 flavors.
Traits: This product is a black big honey ball; taste bitter.
Suitable group:
1. kidney weakness
kidney weakness would lead to sexual dysfunction both for men and women. As an adult, sexual dysfunction is definitely not a good thing. In addition to the decline in sexual function, the body will also be accompanied by a series of symptoms, such as waist soreness and backache.
2. always feel weak and tired
Some people often have such a feeling, good rescue felt a burst of exhaustion, limbs become easy to weakness without strength. And this group of people always feel waist and knee pain after sexual intercourse. In fact, this is also caused by some damage to kidney function.
Specifications: 6g*10 pills/box.
Dosage: Orally, Take 1-2 pills per time, 2 times a day, take it orally with a cup of salty water.
Adverse reactions: Still uncertain.
Taboo: Still uncertain.
Precautions: During the medication period, avoid cold food and control sexual intercourse.
Medicine Interactions: Drug interactions may occur when the users take the product togethger with other drugs. Consult a physician or pharmacist before taking the product.
Pharmacology and toxicology: Still uncertain.
Storage: Sealed.
Packaging: Low density polyethylene Chinese medicine pills plastic spherical shell; 10 pills / box.
Validity period: 24 Months.
Approval Number: The national drug Zhuhai Z22025296
Company Name: Jilin Jinbao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


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