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Black Diamond is capsule to man high-tech products that sex dysfunction developed, through the medical research for many years, this product herits Chinese traditional health care idea, combine Hi-Tech and traditional one new medicine that pre description develop into product this can make penis to be fast natural to erect, lengthen the time of erecting, can improve the natural medicine of Hi-Tech of kidney motive force, this medicine increases the congestion amount of artery, reduce the congestion amount of artery, reduce the cein backset current through expanding the penis artery mainly, make the penis congestion erectrast, reach the best state, still can stimulate the parasympathetic nerve at the same time increase tension make the psychology reach excited function, lengthen the time of erecting, make man confident, fully meet the two sexes demand.

Black Diamond Capsule [Special EffectI]
1. Great effects on impotence, prospermia, sex let down, shortness of penis, hypogenesis of genitals, kidney weakness and penis atrophy of the old.
2. Assistant effects on micturition, urgency of urination, prostatitis, and prostatic hyperplasia.
3. It can renew the sperm, enhance sexual activity, with powerful effects on erection difficulty, lassitude, male sterility, kidney weakness, sperm reducing, low survival of sperm, low activity, abnormality of sperm and so on.
4. This product has unique components. Taken after drinking wont affect the effect. People with heart disease and hypertension can also take it. It has great effect on prostate.

Black Diamond Capsule [Special Effect II]
1. Sex would be aroused quickly or enhanced after taken the capsule. The worry of sec would be replaced by sexual impulsion with initiative movement to woman.
2. Pleasure will be enhanced while the sex time is as long as 180 minutes.
3. Multi-sex is possible with multi-erection. The penis wont soften after ejaculation.
4. The penis will erect in 15 minutes after taken the capsule. Penis would bewider, bigger, higher rigidity after long period taken. Penis may increase 2-3 cm in a month without rebound. People with heart disease and hyper tension can also take it. It has great effect on prostate.

[Usage] Take 1 capsule 5 minutes before sex
[Note]  If multi-erection or non-ejaculation happens in sex, please drink cold water for therapy.
[Store] Keep in cool and dry place.

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